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The Guitar Consultant

Official Site of Guitar and Bass Teacher, Steven Baranowski

          Live or Remote Lessons
       Gift Certificates Available!  
For The Beginner: The perfect introduction to the instrument, using cutting-edge techniques and the music you love.
For the Intermediate: Deep theoretical and fretboard knowledge, laid out in a logical, practical way, with focus on application, plus a wide technical and stylistic berth.
For the Advanced: Advanced jazz and pop harmony. Chord-melody, soloing over changes, Latin Jazz, and advanced composition techniques.
For the Remote Student: I offer remote lessons from the comfort of your home via Skype or Zoom for those not in the Austin area, or housebound due to COVID-19.

The Studio:

Deep in the heart of South Austin, the Guitar Consultant studio is a stylish, built-to-task teaching haven, complete with amplification, recording gear, waiting room and restroom. 
For remote/Skype students: the studio features an HD 1080p webcam, Google Fiber, and all the skill, dedication and reliability you'd find in face-to-face lessons.

The Lessons:

Lessons are weekly - either for an hour or a half-hour, and given at the studio. They are always private, one-on-one, and customized to the student's need and level. No "cookie-cutter" approach. Nearly nothing to buy.  All levels welcome! 
Lessons are $60 for an hour, $35 for a half hour


Hi. I'm Steven Baranowski. I'm a guitar and bass instructor, and have been for the last 23 years or so. I believe that the education of guitarist and bassists can, and should, be taught in a way that is deeper, more effective, and works better with our minds and lives.

I started teaching around 1991, and discovered I loved instruction as much as I love music. In the intervening time, I've honed my craft with over a thousand students, all unique. I have BAs in Music Theory/Comp and Jazz Performance, as well as an MA in Elementary Education.

 ​What students say:

Steve has the three most important qualities you could want in a music teacher:  The

theoretical knowledge of the student of music; the practical experience of the professional

working musician; and, perhaps most importantly, the understanding and ability of a

natural educator.  Not just a great music teacher, but a great teacher

Dan C. 

Steve is not only an extremely talented guitarist, but a fabulous all-around educator. His disposition is jovial--his teaching style, clear, ambitious, personalized and patient. He has the amazing gift of being able to package up the essential concepts of music and explain them from a million different perspectives. Current guitarists and hopeful wannabes, look no further—this is just the axe-man you’ve been waiting for!

 You taught me more about guitar in 3 short months than I learned by looking through countless guitar books. You have a gift for quantifying a consistent methodology with out approaching it  arrogantly or as if it's “the only way” It's a joy to learn from you.”

Larry G.

Amanda D.

So, I went thinking I would learn to play guitar more proficiently and I have learned that but I also have my musical dreams coming true and I owe much of that to Steven.  

I could not recommend him more highly.

Jill T.

More than a teacher really, more like a guru. He's like Yoda in the Empire Strikes Back, except rather than pulling your X-Wing out of the swamp, he gets YOU to pull your X-Wing out of the swamp.


As a personal with a deep music background who has had much musical instruction I can honestly say Steve is one of the best teachers I have encountered to date. He is very knowledgeable on a variety of aspects of the guitar, and has an incredible ability to communicate information in a way that is easy to understand. Steve is also a fun and laid back guy, and makes guitar lessons an extremely enjoyable experience. 

In The Press

Stephanie T.

News and Events

What do I teach?

What do you need?

Pop, Rock, Blues, Jazz, Folk, Country, Theory, Songwriting, Improvisation and Soloing in aforementioned styles. No Classical or Flamenco.

All levels welcomed! From the most rank beginner to pros looking to expand, I have something for you.

What are my methods?

Innovative. Insightful. Effective

I work with the music you love (and choose), using the songs to teach technique and musicianship. I specialize in learning methodology, using unique and highly effective concepts to get you to your goals more quickly than you would have hoped.


More advanced students will find I teach teach theory, the fretboard, improvisation, and musicianship in a detailed, logical, and accessable way. You will "connect the dots" and see the "big picture" sooner than you thought possible. 

What are my rates?

55 per hour or 35 per 1/2 hour

Lessons are for a FULL hour or 1/2 hour. Cash and personal checks accepted, as well as PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, etc. Credit cards not accepted. Pay weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly - whatever works best for you.


What are my hours?

Monday:        3PM to 7PM
Tuesday:       3PM to 9PM
Wednesday:  3PM to 9PM
Thursday:     3PM to 9PM
Friday:         10AM to 7PM
Saturday:     OFF
Sunday:       10AM to 5PM
All times subject to availability. 


For inquiries about lessons, call or email

Tel: 512-963-3285      Email:

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